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Thousands of people exchanging their time

1 Client


Bliive is a movement that believes in collaboration as a way to revolutionize the concept of value, thereby bringing people together through experience sharing.
By showing the importance of each and every daily activity, and in each bit of wisdom or talent shared, they convey to the world that everyone has something worth sharing.

2 Challenge


Bliive is a social network based on time-exchange. A user who wants to learn English, for example, can offer their expertise in guitar and receive virtual coins which can then be used to take English classes with another network user—no money transaction involved. Successful in Brazil and the United Kingdom, Bliive still needed a more meaningful and visible presence in the daily lives of their users. This challenge encouraged Bliive to think in terms of a mobile solution.

3 The Result


Their partnership with us resulted in an iOS app where users could exchange time with only a few taps. In addition, the app brings the possibility for users to chat with one another and consequently search nearby activities. It made it much easier to connect users based upon their positions using the GPS on their phones.