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Canvas business model made easy

1 Client


SEBRAE is a Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service. It is a non-profit private entity with the mission of promoting the sustainable and competitive development of small businesses. Through its experience, it has become an expert in small business development throughout Brazil. Its role is to foster entrepreneurship, by providing guidance to these small businesses so that they may grow and generate more jobs, thereby helping to develop the Brazilian economy.

2 The Challenge


Our challenge was to engage young entrepreneurs in a digital experience initiative created by SEBRAE, a 40-year-old public-private company without much involvement with this specific public. After a deep analysis, we identified some characteristics endemic to budding entrepreneurs: one of them was that young entrepreneurs didn’t usually have an interest in creating complex business plans because they were in the very early stages of their startups, and therefore didn’t have a great deal of information about it. After spending ti
me analyzing this particular point, we came up with the idea of bringing the well-known business model methodology, Canvas Business Model, into the digital world in order to help solve this particular problem.

3 The Result


The result was an app designed for both tablets and desktops where users could quickly create their Canvas Business Model and make it available online so that they might receive feedback from a community made up of other entrepreneurs with similar goals.