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TCP Pre-Gate

Automatizando a entrada de caminhões no Porto de Paranaguá

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TCP, one of the most modern integrative logistics for foreign trade in Brazil. Manages the Paranaguá Containers Terminal and the logistics integration company TCP Log. The company was established in 1998, when it won the bidding, conducted by the Paraná Government for granting of the Container Terminal of Paranaguá Port.

2 Challenge


The whole logistics process of a international port of cargo is extremely complex and need to be minutely monitored, from the arrival of a truck to the unloading of a container. This means that every truck that enters into the port needs to be evaluated and checked. This evaluation process starts before the truck enters the port courtyard and was done manually. The evaluator / receiver had a form of arrival of each vehicle and had to check the truck itself (plate), the driver and the container. As the process was done manually, used to make long lines in the ports courtyard entrance.

3 Result


The solution was to automate the entire process through a mobile application. Currently, the assessor/receiver performs all the release of a truck through an Android App. The process has become much more agile since we use NFC technology to verify the driver’s badge, making easy to get all his information, as well as the truck and load. Thus, the process became more efficient, generating immediate return, speaking about not wasting time with trucks waiting to enter the port courtyard.